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How many ships maximum can cap a point in the same time

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Once in a game, we were 4 in the enemy base, capturing it and one of us left the base. We were angry with him since it was a trade base race but he said that it doesn't change anything because 3 ships (not uncapped) is the maximum that count to capture a cap.


Is that true ?

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Well he was only partly right.


As @Commander_Cornflakes linked, the maximum speed of capturing is reached when 2 ships cap.


The big caps of the standard mode take 180s to cap alone and the other caps from the other gamemodes take 60s.

As soon as a second ship arrives, the capping speed is 1.5 x and does not get faster if more ships arrive

[If Ship A has already capped a standard cap for  2 mins when Ship B arrives the remaining time for a full cap is 45seconds instead of 60 seconds]



The Cappoints are divided for everyone that is involved in the capping process. So every ship gets capping points, which can also be decapped by the enemy if this ship is hit or if he leaves the cap.


So if you had 4 ships capping then every ship had capping points and the guy leaving the cap lost his and made the capping process longer.




- Ship A starts capping and caps alone for 1minute 30s, then the cap is at 50% 

- Ship B enters the cap at this point and they both cap now untill the cap reaches 75%

- Ship C enters and all 3 cap untill the cap reaches 90%



Ship A has 50%+ 12.5% +5%= 67.5% of a full cap

Ship B has 12.5% + 5% = 17.5% of a full cap

Ship C has 5% of a full cap


If any ship gets decapped by enemy fire they lose half of their individually accumulated cappoints (A loses 33,75% of a full cap, B loses 8.75% of a full cap, and C loses 2.5% of a full cap)

If any ship leaves the cap it loses all his accumulated cappoints




Russian Wiki http://wiki.wargaming.net/ru/Ship:Захват_баз



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Considering how slow ships move and how frequent games end by capping you loose out on a lot of exp if not in cap by chasing kills. By points alone you gain less exp the more people cap at the same time. Thats why vets facepalm each time a DD does't cap an uncontested objective. Solo cap takes 180 seconds and doesnt get any faster as 120 seconds from two capping ships in standart. The best setups for early capping are DD and CL for cover fire or a deep water torp capable Pan-Asia DD.

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