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Single captain, 25, searches for Clan to settle down with

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Hello recruiters,

after years of going solo and on/off-play, i finally decided to settle down and actually enjoy this game. I'm looking for a clan which organizes regular divisions and some nice team battles. I want to see the game from a more competitive side(no random vs. random 24/7 gameplay).

I speak "fluent" english and german and have access to a diverse selection of VoIP software.

PM me or whatever and thank you in advance.




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NMA are recruiting!

A bit of history


NMA is a clan that was founded by Sycoreking 4 years ago on World of Tanks. NMA is a multi-cultural clan with members from all over the world and from all walks of life, from ex-military to mechanics.

What are we looking for?


Active clan members, that don't get easily offended. We are bunch of sarcastic bastards that like to have a laugh.
We want our members to be at least 18 years old, around 50% winrate, decent PR, around Good or better, have least one tier 10 ship or be close to one, speak English and use Discord. The stat requirements are not strict, if you prove yourself to be worthy we will take you in anyway.

We run our applicants through few play sessions and then decide if they get promoted to a regular member.


What are we doing?


We hang out on discord most of the time, playing warships, screwing around and generally having fun. We also attend clan wars and are trying to be competitive, we have a dedicated leadership team that's trying to push people to get better. We also stream our games (if there is something worth streaming, which is most of the time our Saturday Drink Night).




If your interested in joining us then all you need to do is to apply via the clan tab at the top of your in-game interface and we will invite you to our discord.

We hope to hear from you soon!  :fish_viking:

Happy hunting and safe sailing!

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