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Looking for Clan - english

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Ahoy Hoy


Thinking about joining Clan so interested in seeing what's out there.


A little about myself :

4k+ battles

Overall 55% ish win rate, almost all in solo,

This would probably be higher if I didn't get carried away pushing or taking one for the team !


Have about 5-6 T10's but generally play T6-8.

Pretty causal gamer, online for a few hours most evenings.

Unfortunately can't chat on teamspeak etc. Due to house layout/small children, but happy to take orders.  o7


Looking for a decent level Clan as would be good to be competitive, but at same time I  just enjoy the game and don't need anything too serious!


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Hello PatriceLeParesseu,

It is nice to meet you. GKXS  is an English speaking casual clan. We have members of various Tiers and skills and experience.

If this sounds like what you are looking for apply in-game and I will add you.

Not for you? Then I wish you good luck in your search

Yours Aye



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Hello PatriceLeParesseux


Good day to you. Our clan (Octo) are looking for good players like yourself. There's a bit below if you want just send an invite or message. Cheers 


Octo international are recruiting good players for the next upcoming season of Clan Battle's


What we are looking for

1000+ Battles Played 

52+ WR

1000+ PR

Aged 18 years or above

Active 3 days a week

Active for Clan Battles 

Use Discord Channel's when online and be actively willing to Division up

Can speak and understand English 

Has good clear working headset or mic


What We offer 

Competitive Gameplay


Training to improve your Game 


If it sounds good send me or AlibaMamad message or an Application








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We would like to have you in our clan 

All we ask from players is to use teamspeak so no pressure just enjoy the game 

for more info look for me in game AlexB89

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