The holiday season is behind us and the next one far away. Plenty of time to fill the gap with something else, so I'll give you another forum contest. Once again I will utilize the forums to try to make you help other users, so that you might win one of several nice prices graciously sponsored by Wargaming.     The prizes 1st Place: T-VII Blyskawica + Community Volunteer 1st Class Flag 2nd Place: Tier VI Premium* + Community Volunteer 2nd Class Flag 3rd Place: 30 days premium time + Community Volunteer 2nd Class Flag Any player with 5+ Best Answers: Community Volunteer 3rd Class Flag   First class flags provide a 5 % Bonus to XP, Commander XP and Credits earned Second class flags provide a 5 % XP and Commander XP bonus. Third class flags are decorative. * The ship will be chosen by WG depending on availability at the end of the contest     Contest runtime The contest will run from February 3rd till May 2nd. That's a total runtime of three months. Plenty of time to qualify.     So what will you need to do to win? If you want to participate you'll have to register yourself in this thread.   It doesn't matter if you register today or on the last day of the contest. The way I run this event will not favor those who register sooner then others. We have two forum sections dedicated for players to ask questions and to recieve answers. Those two are Newcomer Questions and the Q&A Section. If you want to win, answer as many questions as possible in those two subforums with the best answer you can give. So that you do not start spamming into old question just to get your post count up there are two limitation to make your post eligable to count towards winning. 1) The question must have been asked during the runtime of the event (February 3rd till May 2nd). 2) Your post needs to be marked as the best answer.   I am aware that this might seem to put the users who qualified for the Quality Poster Initiative at an advantage as they can simply select their own posts as the best answer. That's why I have to ask them not to participate. I can not force you to stay away but I would welcome it if you instead support the contest by regularly visiting the two subforums and selecting answers instead.   Some users might end up as a recommended user for the initiative by activly participating for this contest.     How are the winners selected? After the contest expired I will start to go through those two subforums and start counting the qualifying best answer posts. That may take me a day or two, so please do not get unpatient. You will be able to do the same, so there is no way to manipulate this contest for me. The user with the most best answers in both forums combined will recieve the first place price. Second most will recieve second price. And so on, you get the drill. Additionally, every user with at least 5+ best answers who did not win one of the first three spots will still get a special reward.     Disclaimer If someone tries to manipulate the contest, for example by attempting to bribe a QPI-Member or Wargaming employee, all persons involved will be disqualified. Neither I nor Wargaming employees are applicable to win the prices and are excluded from participation. All prices are sponsored by Wargaming. As usual all Wargaming forum rules apply in regards to language, insults, and other limitations.