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Carrier player looking to join a fairly high ranked fun clan

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high ranked ? what u can offer ?^^ with cv you cant play clan battles ), looking at your stats , i rly doubt you could play any good with any other class at t10


P.S forgot say about your cv skills , well maybe after 2k more cv games , maybe you could a bit play better vs good players not count if face , real cv players , from omni or aao, but anyway gl^^


also can show you how you need play as cv




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Hiya xXx_Blogis_xXxIf you want some more information about me, talk to Cornish_Seadog in your clan, I often play with him. Almost every day infact. :D Also, if you read back through the post, I do bring up pretty much all the concepts that you just mentioned. Previous experience, clan battles and so on. I'll try not to take offence to "I doubt you could play any good with any other class at t10". But in reply to that, I'd say that I'm playing the game to improve and get better. I'm fairly new to other classes and I'm trying currently to get better in my cruisers.. I'd disagree with the idea that one can judge from so little experience. Time will be the only judgment for that I believe. ^-^


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