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Allowing divisions between Tier 8 and T 10 ships

Allowing Divisions that goes from T8 to T10  

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Hello all! Playing myself Charles Martel a lot, and being a great fan of it, I'm ok with bad MM. This means that my games will be possibly even whenever I play against T10 ships or T6 ships (nothing about how good are the commanders of the ships). 


THIS brought me to ask myself WHY I couldn t play with my friends that are playing god damn Yamato, with my Charles Martel? Because I could easily be in the same game as them by synchronizing the start of the battle... So, I m ok with banning divisions that have 2tiers+ difference between players, but to me, it should be allowed when you team up with T8-T10, since the MM is not modified by this :

-the T8 ship cannot play against "fail division" T 11 ships

-the T10 ship cannot play against T7 ships (I ve never seen a "revearse fail division")


SOOOO do you guys agree?

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