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[WRATH] Black Sun is recruiting. 

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Hi captains,


[WRATH] Black Sun is recruiting. 


We are a fun clan with a competitive streak looking for like minded captains to join.


If you are an active player playing most days of the week, like to have fun but also have a competitive side then come this way.


We division daily with a broad base of regular players at all levels of ability and take part in competitions where ever possible.


When clan wars rocks around we get as competitive as they come, we want to win and win big. 


We have some basic rules for new entrants so take a look and see if you stack up, we aren't looking for everyone to be a uni cum player. We have a broad range of players of all skill levels from veterans to new players only a few months in to playing WOW's. We want people committed to playing WOW's who play and division regularly and are available for competition when the time comes. We are fun first and value our time with our fellow clan members on the seas. (Blowing crap up is always fun!).


Oh and from now on your known as Dave, just so you know.


  • You should have a 48% average win rate overall with an improving trend on your in game stats. 
  • Have at least 500 battles under your belt.
  • Understand ship types, roles and game play mechanics.
  • Stats must be public and visible to clan commanders.
  • Have access to a mic and be able to speak and write reasonable English to communicate with your fellow clan members (we also have a large portion of German speaking members). We use discord for our battle chat and clan comm's text channel's (Access granted on acceptance to the clan)
  • Have access to a minimum of at least 2 tech tree tier 8 ships of 2 different types IE. 1 destroyer and 1 battleship 


To join send a message to myself as the primary point of contact (squirrelnuts - Deputy clan commander) or any of the following Command level staff or recruiter level members of the clan listed below. 



  • Kiasumi (Clan commander)
  • Belalugosisdead (Deputy clan commander)


  • 8arminger
  • matthewpony
  • PreetjeR
  • swRiker
  • Spartanhero30


Send any one a message or send an application, well play a few rounds with you and see how it goes, its that simple.


Good luck.




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Just so you know, you're member quietscheente is incredibly toxic in chat and not someone you want playing with you. If he abuses others as he abused me in chat then you'll not get to play with him often as he will be banned most of the time.


All the best.

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