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Improved After-Bounce Shell Mechanism

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I've been observing the shell ricochet\bounce mechanism lately and as far as I've seen (correct me if I'm wrong) shells that ricochet\bounce off a surface seem to just vanish after their contact with the said surface. I also happen to play World of Tanks and ricochet\bounce mechanism is a lot more advanced there. In WoT, after a shell bounces off a surface, it continues on its new path for a short distance with decreased energy and seeing shells bounce off their intended target just to hit or even pierce another tank nearby is quite common. 

Implementing such a mechanism in WOWS could introduce a lot of new and interesting scenarios. Let's say, you are shooting at a bow on BB and your shell bounces off its turret roof\sloped turret face just to hit the supper structure behind it for an over pen damage, or your plunging shell bouncing off the barbette armor of Yamato's second turret and heading straight to deck armor and giving you a full penetration damage, and many many different and interesting scenarios.

Seeing as both games use the same engine, I don't imagine there would be any technical difficulties for implementing the same mechanisms here but I'm not quite sure about the effects such a mechanism could have on gameplay. 


Edit: New visual effects could be cool too, imagine bouncing off a turret face at close range and seeing the shell fly into the sky and drop back into the sea nearby after loosing all its energy, or seeing your shell bounce off an angled belt just to keep flying on its path new path and hit the water nearby with a splash effect. 

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