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Tier 10 PvE Mission

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How about this, similar to our missions of the week, we get a permanent tier 10 only one as well, kinda a reward for reaching tier 10. A team fleet battle vs an ever escalating enemy.

Yes a games vs bots....why because bots are aggressive they  do not care about win rate they attack even if its stupid, why a multitude of escalating bots? To present a challenge like a pve raid in other games?

Why ? Do you ask, to simply let it rip, to simply let your tier 10 guns roar vs an ever escalating enemy, more targets, more CAs more BBs more CVs and better ones. Until even the most experienced team struggles and dies.          

Make it like capture a flag so you have to move and can not camp all the time.  Small team like 5 or 7 . In this day and age where risk free pvp prevails let us risk welcoming people have some fun without being a laughing stock. 


Rewards should be appropriated, so not much higher than actual pvp only in cases of reaching absurd ranks but higher than current pve and tier 10 only. 

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