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Excesive lag on aircraft carriers!!

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On this version I had a hell lot of troubles with my Kaga. I don't know if it's a problem with the current server issues or it will be a problem that will happen for the entire patch (Or even worse... for the entire YEAR like some carrier bugs!!!!)

Basically each time I order a plane squad to do something would take a hell lot of time to accept the order (going from 300 - 500 ms or so to a hole second!!) This is specially important when trying to strafe enemy planes. If you miss the exact spot then the planes would try to go around to do the strafe.

Even I had that bug where the entire squad seems to be totally static on a single place, but one knows it's moving (it's something that has been happening since two years ago or so. I believe it's something related to the ping. For instance, an enemy carrier moves all his squads at the same time and you see only one or two of those squads moving but the remaining ones staying still on the same place, but you know they are moving together with the squads). But this time it happened on my OWN planes!! That never happened before. I tried to torp an enemy battleship but my torpedo planes were staying still on the same place. This is important because one must know where the planes would attack from, and if the angle it's right (when the enemy it's turning trying to evade your planes, and correcting that evade).


Also I had problems with the enemy planes strafes. Usually one knows when the enemy would do an strafe (the fighter planes would climb up, signaling the beginning of the strafe, in that moment I would move my planes away from the strafe path) but not this time.


And another thing... The bug when one orders the carrier to follow a path and then suddently opens a box (which can't be cancelled) STILL HAPPENS!! WTF Wargamming!!! This bug has been happening since more than a year now!!!


Btw, in the previous versions I really suspected there were certain lags on planes specially on high tier carrier battles. But the bug was barely noticeable. It was annoying sometimes but I could cope with that. But not now. It was too obvious.


If you want more data... I have a wired connection (ethernet 1 gbps from my computer to the router) and from there I have optic fiber 300 mbps and I have 35 ms ping (according to the game)

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