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New to EU, looking for English speaking clan

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I live on the east coast US but started working evenings/nights about a month ago so decided to make an account on the EU server since it’s more conducive to my available play times (NA server is dead when I can play.) I only have about 65 random games on this account so far but am very active. I’d eventually like to get into clan battles once I get a few 10s. I’m looking for an active English speaking clan that intends on participating in clan battles at some point.

I’ve linked my NA and EU accounts below.


NA: https://worldofwarships.com/en/community/accounts/1018104634-la_mer/!/pvp/overview/

EU: https://worldofwarships.eu/en/community/accounts/551003687-UndeadPenguin/!/pvp/overview/

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Hello UndeadPenguin,

Nice to meet you. GKXS is an English speaking casual clan. We have a couple of American players.

We have players of most tiers and of various skills. Have a look at us, if you like what you see, apply, and I will add you.

Not for you? Then I wish you good luck in your search

Yours Aye


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Hi,We're looking for zombie penguins, so check out The Art of Warfare (TAW) clan at http://taw.net. We have something for everyone. Click Join now on the homepage if you like what you see. We have 2 Clan battle squads and have mandatory practice for the full fleet (approx. 50 players - 30 active) twice a week. Also have an NA fleet so you can be part of both.

Look forward to making contact.


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