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Game crash

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Hello, i play with Mac Pro Retina, and for the first time i have problems with the game since this new patch.

i can play one game, and sometimes i get Disconnected or crash. 

I can't back again to the game, and this never happen in last patch, since this new i have problems.

The game just crash, and don't let me back to it, and i can't play, because he crash all the time until the game finish.

Can u plz fix this ? my Mac is not the problem, i just check it for 1 month, and i have 16Gb Ram, more 500Gb SSD disc, with 380Gb free... and my Graphic is equal to a 16G memory dedicated. i7 last generation .... and even with low graphics it crash.... or just shut down the game.

i don't understand. Plz try to know what is happening... 


Jony Horta



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1 hour ago, JonyHorta said:

[...] and my Graphic is equal to a 16G memory dedicated. [...]


I'm by no means an expert about Apple configurations, but a quick Google Search for MacBook Pro Retina tells me it's either using the Intel Iris Plus 640 or the slightly better 650 version. Those are integrated GPUs and essentla scrap by the bottom of the barrel in regards to gaming performance. And whilst WoWs isn't particularily demanding, trying to run this game on an iGPU at a resolution of 2560x1440 for the 13" laptop (2880x1800 for the 15") isn't going to work unless you deliberately lower the resolution.


The reaons why I'm saying this is because I'm not quite sure you can really rule out a hardware problem, or at least not rule out a hardware problem might be escalating an existing software issue.


Anyhow, you want to open a ticket at WG support here. You also want to supply a WGCheck report along with an as detailed recount of the issues you're having and how they occur. The WGCheck report file already includes system specs so they can check if your hardware is falling short (which I strongly suspect).


From there on out WG support might help you sort out the issue.

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