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Doubloons or credits compensation?

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Could someone who knows please tell me the following thing:


If I decide to buy "Why not both" Duke of York and Scharnhorst bundle AFTER I get Duke of York from completing the missions, and since I already have Scharnhorst, will both ships from the bundle get compensated to me in dubloons or just Duke of York?


I already asked the support thru ticket system but the answer I got was "non informative" at least, it's as though they don't speak english at all and have misunderstood my question completely so, just in case so that it doesn't happen again in here as well, I'll explain my question additionaly:


I already have Duke of York and Scharnhorst on my account and since I already own those two ships,
what will happen if I buy "Why not both" bundle that would give me another Duke of York and another Scharnhorst?

Since it is not possible to have two Duke of Yorks and two Scharnhorsts in my port, I am simply trying to ask how will the game compensate me for those two ships that it cannot give to me again since I already have them.

Will I automatically get credits or doubloons instead of duplicate Scharnhorst and duplicate Duke of York?



Hopefully, I've explained myself sufficiently and I'm looking forward to Your answers.

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