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Searching for a competitive clan

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Hi everybody, I'm a french player who passed one year in a decent clan but now I am looking for more challenge and more training than I had.

I link my states right here, not the best but I hope they are enough to have few good clans who will answers to me.



What I want ? It's simple, to get better than I was yesterday, to improve my skills and go deeper in the game. I play CV mostly and CA also.

A clan with at least 3 trainning per week is what I'm talking about, active in clan wars, in Typhoon or close to.


To talk more about me, I am 18 years old, I am fascinated by the sciences and to learn things generally, I also like animes and Japan's culture. (yhea, I love magical girls to, and very strange things)


Obviously I can speak french and english, it can be useful.

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Hello. Impressive stats. You meet the requirements for Home Fleet. We dont run many trainings since we found we performed generally quite well in CW in the opening season. We attained and maintained Typhoon 1. We also have a few French players too :)


Let me know if you would be interested in speaking to me on our Teamspeak.

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