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CV controls are full of bugs and just getting worse with each update

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To the point: 3 main bugs which I bet no one will be able to explain how did they got pass testing


Major bugs:


1. After clicking on the map to send planes somewhere a selection square will appear and will stay there until a new order is given to the same plane! You see, you can not select a different squadron or anything else because this bug is blocking everything. You must give another point for that same plane to go to in order for the selection square to disappear and for you to continue to play. This happens 2-5 times each game!

2. When you give a squadron a new point to go to on the minimap or the big map very often it will instead go to protect the nearest ship, this happens even if the nearest ship is 10km away from the position I clicked on the map. This happens 4-10 times each game.

3. This is a new bug that came up in the last week or so and is the worst so far. When I try to draw a square in order to select several squadrons it will not detect that I am holding the mouse button continuously instead with stutter like I am clicking the button very fast. This happens 0.5-1 times each game. And it is in periods like for 4 minutes it is happening then 4 minutes it doesn't but I face it almost every game


Minor bugs:


1. This one happens rarely less than 1 time per 5 games I think. But is irritating still. So sometimes when I press the left button in order to drop torpedoes or bombs it will not register my click, and will register it after 2 seconds. Now do I need to explain that 2 seconds is enough for my planes to be completely out of position for the drop and very often to make a second attempt means to loose even all of them to AA especially if I attack cruiser.

2. When nothing, no planes no ship is selected and I click somewhere on the map the ship will take the order instead!! This happens when I am in a hurry and very fast click on a squadron but don't manage to click on it instead next to it and then give him an order to go somewhere. This will send my ship to that position and if I don't see it in time will die. This happens very rarely to me and it might be done intentional by WG I don't know but the point is: It is a bad idea and it should be changed. If it is a bug it needs to be fixed as well.

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I meet the major bugs 1 and 2. but not the tird one.

About the minor bugs, I encountered the number 1 but with strafes. Which it's extremely annoying and even can make you lose an entire squad.

But the number 2, that one isn't a bug. There is a small lock next to the carrier icon to prevent that to happen (and the ship will take the order only if you previously selected it)


I should add the annoying SHIFT bug, when you press Shift and select several squads sometimes the camera will change to third person view. Or even worse, if one press shift for a few seconds but don't select anything (for instance, I'm about to issue a new order to the torpedo bombers, press shift and I'm about to give them orders but I notice they are doing fine atm, then I just relase the shift key) and would enter into third person view anyways. It's hard to explain but it's annoying as shi┬ (and it's a bug which previously didn't happened). I had to change the snipe view for another key thanks to that bug.


And the worse of all. When the torpedo planes launch their payload in a totally different way and place than they were told to. This bug has been happening since more than one year ago. 9 Months ago I recorded it to report it on the bug report section but nobody does a shi┬ (and seriously, WG, don't tell me you didn't had time to fix this in a whole year)
Check squad 4:



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UI will apparently get fixed with the rework scheduled for this summer.


Considering what has happened so far I wouldn't get my hopes up, though.

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