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WoWs Divisions discord server

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Hello Everyone,


I've decided to make a Discord channel for people who division regularly, and don't always have someone to division with.

The channel is for good WoWs players only, so you can be sure anyone you division with is a good, reliable player.

Furthermore, the server Roles will be relative to how good the player is, and will be divided as follows



Access to the server (Confirmed role):

55%+ win rate (overall) or 65%+ win rate with a specific class of ship

1500+ PR or 2200+  with a specific class of ship


Strong role:

60%+ win rate (overall) or 70%+ win rate with a specific class of ship

2000+ PR or 2700+  with a specific class of ship


OP role:

65%+ win rate (overall) or 75%+ win rate with a specific class of ship

2500+ PR or 3000+ with a specific class of ship

(all roles grant the same permissions, but it will be easier to choose who to play with)


Any unfriendly/unsporting behavior (excessive raging, excessive cursing) in the server will result in a warning, and if said behavior continues, a ban.


The server is multi-national, and depending on requests, i will create new channels depending on language.


Important to note however, that this server is not related to clan actions, and clan recruitment in general chat will have negative consequences. However, there will be a channel for recruitment and discussions about clans.


If you are interested in joining the channel, please post your in-game name and discord tag, and i will send you an invite if you pass the requirements.

All members of the server can create a link and invite friends, but only i can accept them and grant them a role so that they can see the chats and talk on the voice comms.




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