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CARRIER Looking for a decent British high-ish ranked Clan

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My name is Jessica, I'm a girl, 16 years of age and I'm currently looking for a new (preferably British) clan in which I can help and participate in their carrier section. Currently, which may deter clans away from me, I am playing at Tier 7. I own both of the  Tier 7 Carriers among the default lines, as well as the Kaga. I have had previous experience with this game, around a year and a half ago, of which I was T9


Information you may want to know may include:

  • Current WR: 56% (643 games played)
  • Current Carrier WR: 61% (326 games played)
  • Fair amount of experience in RTS
  • Average stats which are on the rise currently
  • I do in fact take influence from Farazelleth


More detailed view on my statistics: https://eu.warships.today/player/551389691/J_JSH


As soon as I am liable to participate in clan battles, which shouldn't be too long, I am defiantly willing to play as a clan Carrier. Until I reach that Tier 10 level and after, I am willing to take advice from other carrier players in the clan and share my advice too, in order to help each other improve.


Preferably looking for a Well arranged but attractive clan among the Typhoon league full of players willing to play but also have a bit of fun. However, I'm perfectly fine with joining a High Storm clan too!


I do have Discord and I'm perfectly able to use it, although have problems speaking to large groups due to social insecurities.


I hope I am taken into consideration by some wonderful people, and thank you in advance!


Good luck and fair seas,




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Hey Jessica,


Thames Ironworks are a friendly casual clan with many english players and a few EU types thrown in aswell. We play ranked and clan battles for fun and there are no requirements to train or turn up ect. Despite this we managed to come in Storm league last season and a few of our guys are highly ranked in individuals.


We are also actually looking for a CV main player and would be happy to have you along if you like. Everyone is really friendly and mature (ie no bs and the bants is fun) and we haven't managed to upset anyone yet. It wouldn't take you long to feel a part of our group as we are constantly playing divs together and making crazy AA builds for lols.


Please pop onto our discord server and have a chat with me or any of the recruiters (Makk, Themightypostman, Po3t) or alternatively message us in game if that is easier for you.


Look forward to hearing from you



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Hey Jess!


We got one spot open at [DAVY] if you are willing to consider. Davy is a British clan but with members from all over the Europe. We are actively participating in clan wars (storm league, group ll), random divisions and operations.

Currently we are short on dedicated CV player as in we have non :Smile_hiding: so if you decide to join you would be our main CV player. Feel free to join us on discord or send me a PM if you have any questions. 


Regards :Smile_honoring:



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