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Excessive draw on Graphics card when in port.

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Just to save time:

          OS is patched to latest with all hotfixes (both Technet and public).

          Graphics card is Nvidia family with 4GB memory and running latest stable driver sourced directly from NVIDIA.

          Running latest MSSE and have done additional system scans using other security products.


Problem Observed:

          When in game the GPU load is 30-40% and card runs at under 40 deg C

          When I return to port after battle or start the game in port then the GPU load shoots up to 100% and card runs at 70 deg C

          This issue is particular to Wargaming WOWs and no other software on my machine creates the same GPU load and temp spike.


Attempts to isolate observed spike in GPU load and temp:

          ALT-TAB to another window results in immediate drop in GPU load and corresponding drop in card temp indicating that the GPU load is related to the window being focused (i.e.WOWS)

          Leaving the focus on the WOWs game and just letting it idle does not see a reduction in GPU load or temp over observed periods of 45 to 60 min.

          Checking with other more graphic demanding games like Metro 2033 and ultra HD modded C.O.P. does not result in 100% GPU loads on idle or even in game.

          Selecting battle in WOWS sees an immediate drop in GPU load and corresponding drop in card temp.



         The WOWs process is using the GPU inefficiently in port and indicates either poor code or worse that the GPU is being used for non game related work when in port.

          CTD happen often when going from port to Battle and this corresponds with the drop in GPU load and stopping of whatever inefficient process is being run by WOWS on the GPU in port.

          Coupled with the GPU load in port is associated low level network traffic, I have run a network capture on that traffic and still need to decode it into something meaningful.



         The GPU load and temp spike on the card is a direct result of WOWS when in port and should be resolved by Wargaming. (be it inefficient code or otherwise)

         The only other family of application that I can think of that runs a GPU at 100% are BIT Miners and data crunchers... but neither of those should be run by wargaming on my hardware.





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That's nothing new, port has always been a hard time for our graphic cards ^^

WG also knows about that but I doubt they will fix anything as it isn't really a problem.

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I absolutely agree - the drain this game started creating on nearly eveything* is pretty discrimanting


(operations in port, loading your clan panel, loading in the battles - sometimes totally ridiculous...)

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