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From Reddit (by Evil4Zerggin): Santa container statistics

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Hi all,


From Reddit (by Evil4Zerggin): Santa container statistics






by Evil4Zerggin


  • Compiled from posts in this thread.
  • I skipped posts whose container counts didn't add up, that didn't say specifically how many signals and camo they got, or were otherwise ambiguous (lumping all signals together was fine).
  • Beware of selection bias! I expect people who got lots of premium ships were more likely to post than those who didn't. Consider these optimistic estimates.
  • I will not be counting any more containers. Thanks to everyone who posted though!

Santa's Mega Gift ($5 Blue)

734 containers were counted.

  • 79 (10.8%) were 2000x doubloons.
  • 174 (23.7%) were 30x Frosty Fir Tree camos.
  • 87 (11.9%) were 15x Type 59 camos.
  • 286 (39.0%) were 30x special signals.
  • 8 (1.1%) were 180x days of Premium account.
  • 100 (13.6%) were premium ships.

Santa's Big Gift ($3 Red)

413 containers were counted.

  • 91 (22.0%) were 1000x doubloons.
  • 120 (29.1%) were 15x Frosty Fir Tree camos.
  • 158 (38.3%) were 15x special signals.
  • 4 (1.0%) were 90x days of Premium account.
  • 40 (9.7%) were premium ships.

Santa's Gift ($1 Green)

188 containers were counted.

  • 39 (20.7%) were 300x doubloons.
  • 30 (16.0%) were 5x Frosty Fir Tree camos.
  • 90 (47.9%) were 50x economic signals.
  • 3 (1.6%) were 30x days of Premium account.
  • 24 (12.8%) were 10,000x Free XP.
  • 2 (1.1%) were premium ships.


  • Compared to two $3 Big containers, the $5 Mega container effectively trades about half the doubloon draws for Type 59s. I don't feel comfortable making a definitive statement on which is better for premium ships per dollar due to the possibility of selection bias and differences in rates for specific ships.
  • Only go for $1 containers if you want random regular economic signals; the rest is either only a marginally better rate than purchasing directly or very unlikely.
  • Premium account is very unlikely across the board, about one percent.



Leo "Apollo11"

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So, i'm part of the 1(.1)% as i got 180 days of prem time.

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Owning lots of Prem Ships gave me a Kii, Perth, La Grasse and a HuangHu for basically the same price as a full priced T8 Prem...


Maybe there are bonuses when you shovel money to Victor over the year? :cap_book:

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bought 10 3€ crates and i got a premium ship (Okhotnik) and 9 flags and camos.


So average rate of premium ships for me, well below average of doubloons and more of flags and camo. (Short sample size i know :D).


With a couple of doubloons instead of flags and camos i would have been happier, but it's a lottery and  we have to accept it. It's not that flags and camos are useless, yesterday i raked 30k freexp 3 million credits and 100k captain exp in a couple of hours.


I can't stand people who try the luck and then complain that they have been unlucky .

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bought 7x 3 crate and i got okhotnik, warspite, 2x 1000 doublons and rest flags. no camos or prem time


better than nothing and its more like bonus, people shouldnt expect tons of prem ships

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In total I got not only half a year of premium but also 4 premiums, out of which one was a TVIII and the rest TVI.

I'm most likely to buy some more crates in two days, but I'm right now quite happy with the results.

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