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Which current premium ships on discount to purchase?

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Hello everyone.

I'm considering to purchase one of the current premium ships on discount.

I'm interested on purchasing a DD or a BB as I already got a CA. The main options will be these:


  • Lo Yang:


  • Started playing DDs and I'm ejoying it.
  • Can be used to train PA dd line.
  • Good destroyer for ranked season.


  • Scharnhorst has the same price.
  • The normal PA line plays a bit different because of deep water torpedoes.


  • Scharnhorst


  • BB/CA hybrid.
  • Use as a Trainer as for KM BB captains.
  • Better price than Tirpitz.


  • Cannot be used in this ranked season.


  • Tirpitz:


  • Use as a Trainer as for KM BB captains.
  • Can be used for ranked seasion.


  • Worst price than Scharnhorst.


However, I'm open to any recomendation.


Thanks in advance.

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