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This Christmas Season, WG please be true to yourself

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Dunno if I will even still be back next year, so I'll cut out a few dozen posts of ranting and go straight to the point (but still omitting many many things).


You are selling human experience to the players, and some expressions are more "true" than others. "True" is the keyword, better than pure, enjoyable, impressionable, realistic, respectable, historically accurate, for it cuts to the essence of something beyond human interpretation, yet perhaps not in need of any interpretation. Light, Space, Time, Fate, Form, Flow, Threshold, and all things have in them sacredness, humanity, and liveliness in characteristics, even if not human, even just a scene, even but ephemeral structures of logic, there is a most "true" expression of them, and most suitable to a certain configuration, and cohesion, of expressions. "Soul, essence, personality, characteristics", there are many words attempting to describe these. Your goal in this game is to find a perfect balance and consolidation of many "true" aspects of the topical context, and express them in singular, definitive, decisive form, yet in perfect cohesion as if they were made to exist like this. Even as a form of game, even in this little world of a boxed theatre of operations. This cohesiveness in a final form, is a kind of beauty, and perhaps the most important kind.


You will have to think for once very hard your priorities and what you actually want to give to players. What kind of experience in the end it hopes to be, and cut out anything not relevant. For once, consider only what kind of a game, fun, historical interest and respect, you hope the players to see, and feel, and enjoy ... and build your game around that, not around some carrot-and-sticks tier 1-10 progression structure. That is not the most definite form of anything, it is not a true representation of anything distinct or important. You will have to draw a fine line between anything which contributes to the experience, and anything which does not. And you must realize that it will take all your possible attention and willpower to just focus on the relevant parts, much less spare any for perhaps theoretically consequential, but fundamentally irrelevant outlier concerns.


In such a complete revision and reconsideration, you may find that despite all your efforts, despite so much already "good", there is still so much there is to achieve, and how so despairingly little you actually have. But that is fine, for it is infinitely better than sitting in your own ivory tower locked in your "perfect" world. And take heart in the good you already have, for in those few true things do your players still believe in you as once and for ever. Yet take heed, always take heed, from both those things existing and not, not all things are said, or can be said.


But the most important thing is still to believe there are true things out there, that it is possible to perform a just, fine, embodied expression of them. Even on topics of war, war machines, suffering and conflictive topics. And even make a game for them to reside in. Which will be both functional as it is beautiful, and always, "true".


Also, in collaborations, you should also pay attention to what makes the other works "true", and work based on those. For instance, in the Ars Nova collaboration, an example of a missed opportunity was how in the original work, when ships "died" they turn into particles and drift away in the wind. Yet in WoWs they were just camo skins which could have been done by any modder, and when sunk they sunk just the same. Had they played an animation in which the ships would turn into bright particles and drift away in the wind, it would have captured the essence of the feeling and so many other things much finer, and perhaps would have been more touching, too. These little key things, artistic direction decisions, are what separates official quality from lack of standards. No, no excuses. 


Well, I guess there is no way I can say everything I'd like to had this been goodbye anyways. Just good luck and Merry Christmas, WoWs.


(Ye, you're on your own now. Don't worry, I won't send anything to competing companies or whatnot. The notes were made for WoWs only, for they are only "compatible" with it. There are lines, but then there are even deeper principles. And if you don't believe in your own principles ... you'll never get other people to believe in them either. Oh, that happens to be a key point too, for forming new designs. So good luck.

Anyhow, perhaps I should also thank and wish happy holidays to WoWs population and forums too, perhaps it'll be the only worthwhile thing to do here anyways. Everyone knows there is naught a chance WG will actually take to heart anything here. I might as well save some time and just wish Merry Christmas to the forums instead.)

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I don't know about you guys, but I'm certainly in the Christmas spirits after reading that gem of a post!!


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