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I'm get premium ship for forever?

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You already have a König Albert as a premium ship. That should be enough for now. To answer your question: you will keep your premium ship until you sell it. It does not expire.


Important note: do NOT buy a premium ship, that is of a higher tier than your actual ingame progress. It will simply ruin your fun in this game. For you, and your fellow players.

If you weel like a great player in tier 2, 3 or 4 and think, you are now ready for a tier 7, 8 or 9 premium ship: you will not be. The game, though it relies on the same basics, is vastly different, especially from tier 8 onwards.

So, if you plan to buy a Tirpitz, Alabama or Atago, wait. You might want to know, wether you like it up there, or not.


Don´t think, you can skip the progress and learning of the lower tiers, simply buy a considered top premium ship, and beleave you will "kick some [edited]". You will just get your ship handed back to you, will have neither fun nor success, and leave disappointed...

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1 hour ago, JajkoNaTwardo said:

Hi guys!


I'm get problem. I'm gonna buy premium ship. When i'm buy premium ship, he can expire?

The ships expire when our sun goes supernova, at the latest. Nothing is forever.

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