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What are your plans to promote a more active game?

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Having sunk a bit of time into the game again lately, I've noticed that the game has gone from being active and aggressive, to being centered around smokefiring, DDs taking caps (and getting deleted by BB AP) and BBs mostly camping behind the spawnline. Now as it is right now, the team that gets the most camping BBs usually lose, the DDs that contest the caps are not getting any support from the team because the cruisers dont dare push without BB backup, and the BB backup is hiding and "sniping". This results in the DDs getting killed rather fast because the enemy team pushes, and it usually only takes 1 BB player pushing to get the others to do it.

As I see it, there needs to be an incentive for BBs to push caps and support the team other than winning, because people clearly does not care about winning.

Being the easiest class to play with great armor, decent manouverability that is even better than some DDs, huge HP pool which can be further increased with heals, and not to mention guns that can delete any ship from the game in one salvo, there should be something that makes them push rather than just pad some stats at range where they aren't in any immediate danger.

Maybe have their damage drop with range making them less effective at range (do this for cruisers with 19-20km range too). I really don't know.

I know you care alot about the battleship players, the constant buffs and nerfs to other classes proves this, but remember, there are other classes in the game that people like to play, and these people like to win sometimes, without having to either get lucky with their team, or have to rely on their BBs to be able to support them.


Sorry for the rant with the question, I just feel that the Meta and passive gameplay as it is right now, is rather unbalanced and relies too much on one class that has no real counters anymore.



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I think the problem is, that the supposed Counters (RN BBs, PA-DDs) introdoced by WG have a negative effect on the issue. Whether they knew about it or didnt consider it - only WG can tell u that. This depends ofc on how they looked at BB overpopulation. Just simple as "Too many BBs in game" or how is it in reality "too many BBs CAMPING at maxrange".

BBs who are maxrange snipers/campers wont be effected too much by any counter WG is introducing, because others need to die first in order to get to them. Which equals the game being already lost, and they dont need any specific counter anymore.

Who gets shafted the most by those actual BB counters?

- DDs who encounter a RN BB will have huge troubles because HE is guaranteed to produce damage/fires/break modules. If/when WG changes BB AP on DDs this becomes even more true.

- Cruisers are collateral damage for both (RN BB / PA DD).

- Aggressive playing BBs who will be forced to stay further back - which leads to more camping BBs.


My approach on BBs would be:

- Decrease high range accuracy DRASTICALLY, so that sniping doesnt produce results. (maybe citadells from x range should be made impossible)

- Increase accuracy at shorter ranges, so that BBs can be more devastating at closer quarters. Its very frustrating fighting close range with a Bismarck f.e. and u still miss half of the bullets, while the others are only overpens/pens but no citadel

- Raise BB Citadels to an equal level, so that BBs in close quarters can punish each other better.

This would ofc need a total overhaul on RN BBs and PA-DDs imo.


Bit offtopic:

And ofc the worst part: Ppl think repair costs are tied to damage received... Even tho its been changed for ages (even ppl who started AFTER the change think that).

The information given is too little, f.e. why is trainingroom hidden? Why cant i put any ship in the training room / or why cant i use any ship? Why cant i see EVERY ship in the techtree (even when i cant buy it?) but to see armor layout and other stuff?

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