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Reworked torching system aka setting fires

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Ok, so lets take a look at this torching system, aka setting fires. 
As it is now, its the meta that after a ship has used its repair, the enemy team will launch HE shells on it, to make it burn and eventually die. Atm I think this mechanic is broken as hell. For example, being hit by one torpedo that starts a flood on your full hp battleship at tier 10, will force you into repairing the flood, to maintain speed and not die completely. A torpedo takes away 15% of your max hp on the impact and leave you with 85% hp. Now the enemy ship boast HE shells to set you on fire, as your repair is on CD, and your ship starts to get 2 fires going at this point. (not including the impact dmg from the shells landing on your ships), when the fires are burned out. The 2 fires alone, will take you from 85%hp to approximately 49% over 60 seconds, if the shell impact dmg isnt accounted for, which is unrealistic. The shell impact dmg is approximately the same dmg as the fires going on your ship, if an enemy ship constantly boast you with HE. That makes your ship leave off with 13% health just after 1 minute. This can be done with any ship, and makes a battleship pretty damn vulnerable, due to the threat of being set on fire just after the repair has been used. As it is now the fire takes away 0,3% of your total hitpoints per tick, per fire. And if your unlucky to get 3 fires right after the repair has been used, youre dead. This is again where shell impact dmg isnt accounted for.

I honestly think that this system needs to be reworked, so we dont have these stupid games where battleships has to hide behind islands, or sail at the border and snipe due to the threat of being set on fire. All battleships at any tier gets screwed over completely by this meta thing in every battle. On cruisers and DDs, the fire duration has been reduced, but the battleships really struggle in this. Its too easy atm, to light battleships up with HE and make the fire do rest of the job. In so many games, its all about starting 2 fires on a battleship, and then when they are extinguished, you set 2 more fires and let them burn out. This normally makes any battleship die. Its not only boring, but a bit unfair in that matter, that a DD with no chance on harming a battleship with the main armament, can deal 40% of the battleships hp in dmg over 50s, just by setting fires with one or two volleys and sail away. This makes battleships less likely to pressure cappoints or tank dmg for their team.


On behalf of that, id like to see a system where the fires are divided up into groups, depending on the caliber used to set the ship on fire. By this, the fires has a potency level which can grow depending on where the fire has been set. For example, a DD shooting HE on a battleship with a 128mm cannon, will set an equivalent fire to that off a 128mm shell, and does not have the same potency as a battleship with 406mm. Then depending on where your ship has been set on fire, there could be a chance for the fire to erupt into higher stages or other compartments if not extinguished in time. 


How does this sound to you guys? This is just an idea, as im tired to see/play battleships, that has to spec everything single bit into fire prevention for the ship to work, or yamatos and GKs sniping from the moon and not being able to enter battles due this meta.

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Nope nope nope.

Anything that sounds like a Buff to BBs is completely unnecessary.

There are more than enough ways to deal with fires, we don't need more.

  • Skill your ship for survival.
  • Don't waste repair for one fire as that will make you focus target (as you said). Just let one or two fires burn.
  • Go stealth after repairing so you can't be set on fire again.
  • Heal. Fire and Flooding damage is 100% repairable.
  • Just kill the HE spammer with glorious Battleship AP.

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The actual problem is, it feels 90% using perma HE, even BB and the stacks you can get.

My max was 4 stacks of fire and damage-preview shows my ship will get burned from 90-95% down to 10-15%. I did not let it burn.

Running away from fast and rapidfire DDs and Cruisers with BB is said easier than it is.

In my opinion, HE should not be the mainkilling choice, it should be more like a crowdcontrol, killing systems, slow you down, light you to be visible but at the moment fire does booth.

And to not prefer BBs, you face the same thing with Cruisers and DDs


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I agree, fires should be reworked to be more powerful in favor of cruisers and destroyers.


Seriously, BBs are already too powerful. Don't expect the game to conform to you if you refuse to git gud.

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