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Looking for clan which plays CB

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Hello all,

I am looking for a clan with active members which are playing CB.

It's a must for the clan to have active players with researched T10 ships for CB and not using the one WG gives for free. 

I can offer competitive gameplay but not on a pro level in Shimakaze, Yamato, Gearing and average gameplay in Moskva.

I have to say that I am not playing a lot anymore due to lack of time so I can be offline during some CB and will have poor stats in collecting oil.

Also, I am not familiar with tc and discord I see everywhere in forums.

If I meet your clan requirements send me a pm or invitation.

Have a nice day.

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5th Dimension Gaming Community [-5D-]

Fidelity, Integrity, Camaraderie and Excellence!!!

is recruiting sailors, officers,

into our active Warship Division.


We have a NA and EU server presence. We are looking for sailors and officers.

We are a gaming community set up primarily around tank, plane and ship PC gaming.

We are here to have fun in a mature, no drama, no bull**** atmosphere.



Don't get me wrong, we are competitive as well. We compete and win against the best out there.


Fifth Dimension is looking for mature players or groups of players, 18+ who are committed to participate in the community, in game, with members and at the Website.

The minimum age requirement is a hard rule without exception.


We have been in Warships since the beginning. We have stable long term leadership.

Teamspeak and microphone are a must. Prejudice and bigotry will not be tolerated.

We offer perks for officers and recruiters depending on their performance.


5D Community has a lot to offer you:


- Expanding ranks with players of all ages and levels of competitiveness.

- North American and European Server represented.

- Competitive play.

- Training to become a Officer and better Captain.

- TeamSpeak Server and Dedicated TeamSpeak Backup Server.

- Tournaments.

- In house contests.

- Full website with messaging, email, gallery, forums, among other features.

- Atmosphere to have fun gaming. 

- Stable leadership with years of gaming community experience (No drama).

- No mandatory dues.

-Other games supported to break up any monotony.




Minimum Requirements for New Members:
- 18+,
- 1,500 Battles,
- 1 x tier 8 non-premium ship,
- Win Rate of 45%,
- Active at least once every 30 days in game and on our TS.




If you think you have what it takes fill out an application and one of our recruiters will get back to you:



Register at the website and fill out an application here: www.5DClan.com


Hop on our TS:



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