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MM Chart Observations: late 6.13

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This will be ongoing series of posts (at least for a while) where I'll share how the MM actually looks in the game with some statistics. Sadly enough - more or less from my perspective


If you wan't to proof-read all of my calculations / just check the screenshots - whoever is first to suggest a free filesharing website - I'll give you a link to a rar file containing all of them.


I started collecting screenshots of every game I played around 20th November, so these statistics are what I ran into in about the last week of 6.13


A few points on the "believability" of these statistics:

  • I don't count statistics till 10 games are reached (exception: battle tier of tier 10 is always 10, even with just 1 battle played)
  • Anything below 50 games is to be looked at with a grain of salt, as it's still too small of a sample size
  • Tier 1 ships are not counted as they can not meet tier 2 without faildivisions


So, a good start probably would be to see how many games were played:


As you can see the only one resembling any kind of statistics would be tier 7, altho tiers 5,6 and 9 could be looked at. Colours will be kept the same through the post to make the "number of games played" easier to recognise


The 2 categories I though of that could be of most importance would be "Average tier of ships met" and "Average battle tier" a.k.a. what tier is the highest tier ship you meet on average.

These would show both - how your ships tier stacks up against opposition and how likely you are to be top tier / mid tier / bottom tier





Points to note:

  • Tier 9 ships almost always are in tier 10 battles, shown by how close their ABT is. Lacks games played to be conclusive
  • Tier 7 ships late at night experience much worse MM than during the day :cap_haloween: Expect further patches to lower the ABT significantly while AST remains more or less the same or falls a bit.
  • Both - tier 5 and 6 - ships most often fight in battles at least 1 tier higher than they are. Lacks games played to be conclusive
  • Tier 7 and 9 ships (and 10s of course) on average meet ships of lower tier than themselves


Points that seem notable but lack statistics:

  • Tier 8 and 9 ships have almost identical ABT and AST values, yet tier 8s lack the games played for any serous stats. Might be just a bad luck strike
  • Tier 4 seems to be the best tier to play with average ship tier met at 4


I'll probably do one every now and then (for every patch if it's a short one like this - just 3 weeks or every few weeks if it's a long one), and I think it'll contain the current "newest period" statistics as well as total statistics.


If there are some graphs / ideas what else could be included - that's what the comments section is for :cap_hmm:


Actually I just now thought of one but I'll leave that for the next time - a pie chart indicating top / mid / bottom tier % of each tier with high enough game count. Wonder if there are actually any 33/33/33 or 50/50 spreads :cap_haloween:

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