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Looking to transfer from a Typhoon clan to Typhoon clan

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Despite the fact that I'm already in a clan who are ranked Typhoon, due to lack of interested players (or simply players being able to play in the "prime time") in combination with keeping the teams line-up as consistent as possible I'm not convinced I can get my 30 Typhoon wins with them :cap_old:
I'd prefer "try to get them now" instead of "maybe you'll have a chance later" so to say :cap_tea:

Thus I'm looking for another clan who'd be interested to have me in their line-up :Smile_child:


Language skills:
English (I'd like to think it's good)
Latvian (native)
Russian (can understand & read it, sort-of speak it, most definitely can't write it. Pretty good at swearing in it, as "noone swears in Latvian, that's what we have Russian for" :Smile_izmena::cap_haloween:)


One of my bigger pluses would be a rather good game / game mechanics knowledge - how stuff works and why, or "what is that thing" :cap_book:


Currently for tier 10 CB I can play [probably] just BBs.
Personal preference would be the Conqueror, altho I do have the Yamato aswell if you want that one (both have 19pt cpt)
Current rental "Montana" lacks the upgrades (they're expensive lol :cap_money:) and the 14pt cpt of my US BBs is AA spec'd :cap_rambo:
With the 6.14 rentals I maybe could try Moskva with like a 12-ish pt cpt, but I'm not sure if that's a good idea (it's probably not)


As for ships overall:
Currently I have 72 ships in my port covering all 10 tiers, so no matter which one you go for I generally have something to play
While my favourite class by far is BBs (especially IJN from Kongo to Izumo), I do enjoy a CV game every now and then (altho the enjoyment can easily be ruined by the high quality UI). With DDs I simply haven't bothered too much since IJN nerfs way back, and cruisers can be deleted by BBs far to easily for my liking (altho I have enjoyed my RN CLs as far as I've played them).

For more stats-related stuff you, of course can check these links:


Prefer using Discord as I'm quite used to it hand haven't had to use TS before


If I'm there just for CB or do I stick around afterwards - that's up to you (a.k.a. if you like me or not) :cap_hmm:


(also i'm somewhere in my early 20s so if you have a 18+ rule I do fit that :cap_like:)

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Good luck, I guess.  I don't think you'll find much interest since you're ready to engage in clan hopping and give up on your clan.  No serious clan would consider you at this point.

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I dunno, We're Gold 2.... But yeah as SFC said no other typhoon clan would need another player at this point as they are already typhoon...


Maybe consider joining the lower ranked clans and share the needed tactics to win a battle

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