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[Development] World of Captains | eSports, events and more

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Hello everyone


Before I start, please know that this is really early development so there is not a lot of detail at the moment but a outline on what is to come. 

I am developing a project for World of Warships called World of Captains where the development can be seen with the link provided. 

While the dev team at World of Warships are working on the eSports and bringing it to the game, I am developing a website that is ready for it to add more ways to play with competitions for prizes, eSport league with team pages and so on. Details of other features are below - 


Take command or sail the seas to fight. Conqust offers a new way of playing, adding strategy where two Commanders have a team to command and conquer. Capture areas, defend them, attack the enemies and conquer.


We have a manual ranking system, where users who take part in features such as Conquest or Campaign will gain exp on their performance. Giving a better, more professional and personal experience. High ranks will give you benefits such as access to events and giveaways.


World of Warships has their own Competitive system but we want to add a more professional eSports feel. Adding leagues, cup and prizes.

This game requries team work, so bringing a  team league will add a greater competitive feel.

Giveaways, fun events and casual gaming. We want to make give all players a better experience when playing, if you are serious, competitive or just casual. We offer something for everyone, take part in giveaways for a chance to win ships, doubloons and more!


We are more then just a project, we are a community, where we want all members to have fun and make new friends to play with. Being a community built project, we rely on players to keep WOC happening.

And More...

This is only a few features that we offer players, we are always trying to bring players new and fun ways of playing. We always listen to the community to make sure we give them what they want

You can visit my website to view the progress of the development or join our Facebook page or Steam group to be posted with updates. 

I know this isn't a lot of details but more details will be released when the eSports and clans will be introduced to the game. 


Feel free to ask questions and follow our social networks to get updated on development. 




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