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[POMF] Recruiting!

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About Us: 

POMF [What are we going to do on the flightdeck?] is a casual WoWs clan that somehow ended up in Typhoon League.

We are currently recruiting more players, preferably those interested in playing Clan Battles, who have at least one ship that is viable for it, and are reasonably sure they can play it well.

Do note that you aren’t supposed to get pomfed as a member of the clan, but that you preferably do the pomfing.

Originally, POMF was a clan made by people who met on the discord server of the YouTuber Aerroon. As the name may indicate, this clan is vaguely weeb, though most members aren't super into it.

Those that are though, are absolute degenerates, and if you can't handle that, this isn't the clan for you.


What POMF offers:

> 57% WR, 32/40 members

> an open, friendly community with members from all over the world

> opportunities to division > clan benefits and facilities > playing clan battles (currently Typhoon League)

> advice on how you can become a trap



Because we are a casual clan, we aren't super stressed about your stats, though we do have the absolute minimum requirements of 54% WR, and at least one T10 ship.

What's more important is that you get along with all the members and that you actively contribute (oil) to the clan.


Other requirements:

> have a mic and use Discord

> speak and understand English reasonably well

> preferably be over 16

> be active (long periods of inactivity will result in a ban)

> be open to suggestions

> get along with the members


If all of this appeals to you, send an application in-game and an officer will contact you, or join the Discord server (https://discord.gg/d9Wwvur) and ask an Admin there for the @Applicant role.

Note that individuals without a role will be automatically kicked in 3 days.

Applicants that do not meet the stat requirements (which, let's face it, are pretty low) will be automatically rejected.

Contact an officer if you feel that there is some reason why we should consider you despite this.




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Can confirm nice people!


Game-winning decision usually fails - doesn't matter had fun. :D

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