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Note: Clan Ajax currently 30/09/18 has a clan vacancy see Active Players rule:


Clan Ajax


Clan Ajax is named after the Cruiser HMS AJAX (22) on which Wilfred my cousin once removed sailed between 1938 and 1940 and was wounded in X turret during the Battle of the River Plate.  This clan was set up in memoriam for Wilfred born 1911 and died 1985. Mutineer, Royal Marine Gunner between 1930 to 1940, then a Royal Marine Commando at Dakar, Dieppe, then in Italy; Sicily; Porto San Venere and Termoli.


Ships that Wilfred sailed on as a Royal Marine:

HMS Valiant (Queen Elizabeth Class Battleship) 1931

HMS Ceres (C Class (Ceres Sub class) Light Cruiser) 1932-33

HMS Iron Duke (Former Iron Duke Class Battleship) 1935

HMS Vindictive (Hawkins Class Heavy Cruiser) 1935

HMS Dragon (D (Danae) Class Light Cruiser) 1935-1937

HMS Diomede (D (Danae) Class Light Cruiser) 1937

HMS Ajax (Leander Class Light Cruiser) 1938-1940


As a volunteer for Royal Marine Commando:

101st RM Regiment Dakar 1940

"A" (40) Commando Dieppe 1942

40 Commando Sicily 1943

40 Commando Porto San Venere Italy 1943

40 Commando Termoli Italy 1943


This is a clan for those not very clannish and interested in history via Wilfred's experiences in the Royal Navy 1930 to 1952.


If you are mature enough not to use chat to swear at or belittle other players, friend or foe, during games and are not that desperate to be at the top of the Clan leader-board (We will play some clan battles if enough people want to play) then this may be a clan for you.  Note playing Clan battles are always optional and never compulsory in Clan Ajax.


Clan Perks

As Clan AJAX is a Class VI Clan as per WOW requirements new recruits or returning members will need to obtain 60 Oil (6 Crates) before they can access these Clan benefits.



12% off purchase of all ship types

10% off servicing of all ship types

5% added to coal

20% added to free XP per battle

2% Extra XP per battle for all Ships

6% to Commander XP per battle


Clan Discipline & Removals Policy


Just two simple rules:


Swearing at or Belittling Players

1) Clan Members should meet all requirements of WoW conduct. In addition in Clan Battles player should not swear at or belittle their own team members or the opposition. Failure to do so will be met by a strike, on the third strike the clan member will be removed from the clan by the Commander. The strike will sent as a PM from the Commander and reported on the message board.

If the Commander was not present during the clan battle the leader of the battle i.e. the person with the authority to start the clan battle. should report the incident to the Commander along with the handles of the players on the team so the commander can check and verify the offense with the team, if the evidence is not clear the strike will not be made.


Active Players

2) To ensure the maximum number of active players will benefit from the Clan Perks if a player is away from the game for 60 days without any matches (of any kind) played the player will be removed from the clan unless they have sent a PM to the Commander or Deputy Commander requesting an extension to this with an intention to return to playing after that period.



HMS AJAX Circa 1939



13th December is AJAX Clan Day Commemorating the Battle of the River Plate (Should have been the Battle of the River Silver but the British are such poor translators...:) The Commonwealth veterans of the Battle are remembered in the Town of Ajax, Ontario, Canada with a memorial and recorded in the towns street names and at the UK National Arboretum. German sailors are remembered in a park in Wilhelmshaven.


In memory of all who fought in the battle and to the 111 killed and 105 wounded on both sides.




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Beta Tester
33 posts
15,318 battles

New Clan Vacancy available please apply if interested. Note we will soon be a Class VI clan so get in before you need to earn additional oil. We are looking for players who play regularly, current level and skill are irrelevant. Note: vacancies are now filled but may be more in a few weeks.

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