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Rank Battles

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Again i'm asking this QUESTION why is Rank Battles still not activated and now for me it's been 6 months i have never seen the Rank Battles activated and though in the training tutorial about rank battles it says the rank battles are activated once a week, A BIG LIE i think i do check this on a daily bases and find it has never been activated.


Though in recent weeks i've seen a few videos on players playing in a rank battle played that day and posted that day but i earlier posts on the ticket system i've been told the last rank play was in August and i never got it activated either those players are posting way to late or lying about the time they play.


If Rank Battles are for the privilege few then do not discriminate against other players and say so and if it's not to be activated weekly or even monthly then withdraw it from the game as if no one can play it then why have it there.


In recent updates WG is going from bad to worse Public test server was Very bad on this 0.6.14 test as the new scenarios was faulty and bad game starts as the server was so glitchy, and battle loading way too long only to find you were starting halfway through a battle and the so called testing of the Pan_Asian ship never happened they were in active.


In main game play is becoming glitchy and teams are getting slaughtered before they have moved too many AFK in games and now that is happening halfway through battles it's alway the same thing my side not getting anywhere but the enemy team move like they are in racing speedboats we hit them with a full salvo no damage they hit us devastating strike even a DD 5' gun gets a devastating strike that has to be wrong, and many thing that just don't add up or there is no logic to the mechanics balance of play.           

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