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[BEXF] Recutiment

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British Expeditionary Force





Honour, Integrity & Superior Firepower
Naval Division
Commander - RaptorAbt_______Sub commander - UknownError_______Recruiter - The_Captain91

We are a social and somewhat causal clan. We participate in multiple online games including World of Tanks, Planes and warships. Where possible Strongholds happen and platoons/divisions are common place.

Potential clan members must at least speak English and use a mic for VOIP on TeamSpeak. Clan members are mostly English but also have members from Western Europe. The clan offers Training and shared experience from World of Tanks, World of Planes and World of Warships.


We are looking for players who are active and willing to socialise with the other clan members. We expect members with at least a 45% win rate and within the region of a least 1000 battles however each applicant will be judged on a case-by-case basis. Creation of an Enjin account will be needed for access to the forum and application in the link title.


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