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-TFD- The Flying Dutchman has emerged

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From the haunted depth below, The Flying Dutchman has emerged


The Flying Dutchman is an active clan with experienced members. Respect and Fun is our main priority, but we also enjoy some competition.

As a clan we like to play together in Divisions, complete Operations and compete in Clan Battles. At this moment we have 4 spots open.


To join -TFD- we ask you to:

- Respect your fellow clanmember
- Use English as your main language
- Return to The Flying Dutchman before being 20 days in-active (without notification)
- Earn your clan bonus within 7 days (the amount of oil you need to benefit from the clan bonusses)
- Have atleast 1x Tier 8 ship or higher so that you can join us in Clan Battles 
- Discord voice chat for Clan Battles is mandatory


We have the following Clan Bonusses active:

+3% bonus XP to all American Ships

+3% bonus XP to all Japanese Ships

+3% bonus XP to all German Ships

And we are now saving up oil to expand our clan with 10 more members spots.


Do you have what it takes and would you like to join? Then feel free to apply ingame or contact me (RedRonie) or one of the commanders.

the flying dutchman.gif

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I'm very interested in joining your clan. I played in the closed beta, after release and around ranked season 5. I started playing again just before christmas, and i've been playing ALOT since. I'm looking for a social clan to play with. Also very interested in playing Clan battles. 


I currently have 3x t10 ships (Montana, Des Moines and Minotaur) and im pushing for the Moskva.

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