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Fix IJN dds ?

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So, I think IJN dds are bad and wargaming should feel bad. Since their introduction, nerfs, nerfs and more nerfs. RPF, radar introduced, more hydro, extra special german hydro, BB hydro, DD hydro, Royal navy cruisers, BB radar in a missouri, DD radar in the new Pan Asian line and HE main ammo bbs, with cruiser detection. I'm sure those more experienced players could list more. Coming next is a revitalisation of CVs the hardest of hard counters to a torp boat.


They are at the their very best inconsistent and at their worst, useless and have no unique play style or flavour.


Am I wrong? If so why? What points have I missed? What changes would you suggest to fix the IJN dd if you agree, what do we think the Pan Asians will bring to the the issue?


For the moment I'm abandoning the line at the yugumo.

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