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Clan build costly

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 Question; Why is it so costly to increase the HQ at the Naval Base?


from 30 to 40 members will cost you 20.000 oil

So suppose you have 30 members of your clan and want to increase to 40.

That would mean, they have to farm 20.000 oil that they can not use for building something else.

Normally they acquire about 20 oil a day for doing daily crates (2 crates so 20 oil)

Let us suppose they are real salt miners and do 30 just for argument's sake!

so that is 30 X 30 a day  so 900 oil a day (without building something else)

20.000:900=23 days

So you have to encourage people to work hard every day to accumulate 30 oil for about a month, without getting something extra,

For an increase 0f 10 players so 300 oil a day.


So then if you can keep them work the treadmill you are now with 40 members.

You whip them up to keep working without rewards what so ever and keep farming 30 oil a day from each member

that's 40 X 30 oil a day= 1200 oil

now you want to increase to 50 members (10 more) so you need 100.000 oil

So then you need 100.000:1200= 84 days ( without any reward what so ever)


then you build your final stage of 50 members and you can reap the benefits of 1500 oil a day!!!


So the original 30 slaves have worked for a minimum of 107+2 days straight (30 oil) 

for their first structure in the Naval Base 

10% to the cost of researched ships of tier V 



In the real world that is not going to happen so why not make it easier to expand the clan's force!

For example, 1000 gold to increase from 30 to 40 members? 500 for 40 to 50 members?

Make clan bonus stack with regular bonus so if you have an event where you have

 USN Cruisers II to V at 50% you give the extra 10% for clan members (stacking)


Or is this just a crazy idea?







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it isn't so difficult, you can't expect to get free stuff every couple of days...

so far we have gathered 56,000 oil, we have built all the -10% repair buildings, all the +3%experience ones and expanded to 40 members, we aren't building the -10% buying costs as it applies to all the ships you own when you sell them to, so now we are saving up for the 50 member building...

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Have you tried playing clan battles? There is a challenge that gives 30 oil for winning a clan battle, so 7x30=210 oil per win. So let's say you play 5 battles and win 2 every day + oil from 2 containers per clan member = 420+210=630 oil per day with 7 clan members. If you try to get all the oil from just the crates, it will be a long grind....
I'm writing this from memory, so there might be a mistake or two, but you get the idea.

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