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SBS2 Silly Boat Squad Recruiting

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HI fellow captains (SBS2) silly boat squad is looking for new members we are a fun clan who like banter/jokes in chat.

also looking for English speaking people just for communication reasons but but broken English is fine, Also looking for people to actually play the clan battles not just reap the rewards with not putting in. P.S i do understand that everyone can't be there all the but was in a clan with 23 people and not even 7 turned up for clan battle.

Also experienced players are welcome also non-experienced players we just want to battle and have fun meet new people and have fun. so come on down join for a bit and see if you like it you may of just found the right clan for you ;)

yours sincerely Stevie_G_2015 

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I´d like to join the Silly boatsquad. :Smile_honoring:

Play for fun, mostly BBs, but I´m hopefully not a potato.  Also play cruisers. Average player, around 50% wins. Fair Englishspeaking I hope..from Sweden.  Have reached Tier VIII battleships ( the Bismarck) and Tier VI cruisers (the Aoba) , however, prefer Tier V cruiser Emile Bertin. 



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