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Torpedo Evasion

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Hi Folks,


here is a small tip how to quickly assess whether a torpedo is gonna hit you.

This hint is useful against torps spotted by teammates, planes or German Uber-Hydro in mid or long distance.


Use your mouse to move the view so that any marking from the HUD, let's say some pixels of the crosshair, is aligned to the torp. In this example the 0 of the distance display.


Don't touch the mouse anymore and wait a small while.

If the torp moves to the right of the marking, it will pass you on the right side (depending on your ships heading this can be forward, aft, port or starboard, it doesn't matter; I mean the right side of the screen). The faster it moves away from the marking, the further away it will pass. Same applies if the torp moves to the left of the marking.


If the torp remains steady on the marking, well, then it is on a collision course with you. Even if it moves only a tiny bit from the marking, it might still hit your bow or stern.

The nautical term is 'steady bearing'. The technique is used in real life at sea and it seems to work in the game, too.

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