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O-P-C clan recruiting - Balkanski klan

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O-P-C is Balkan speaking clan that exists for five years (playing WOT, WOWP, WOWS)... We are recruiting new members from Balcans (Ex-Yu) speaking community.

We are regularly playing Clan Wars, and hanging out on TS3 (Team Speak 3) for divisions and ranked battles.


Conditions for joining us:

  1. 20+ years

  2. Active player

  3. TS3 (Team Speak 3) 

  4. At least 1 tier 10 ship usefull for CW

  5. Good sence of humor


We offer:

  • Good hanging out and fun

  • Possibility to advance in game with the support of other clan players


If you  want to join our clan, contact our Recruiters:


- Blunt3dBoy

- Ice11180

- Sekula1990


TS3 adress: vs31.tserverhq.com:7046



Klan O-P-C je balkanski klan koji postoji pet godina (WOT, WOWP, WOWS).

Regrutujemo nove članove sa balkanskog govornog područja.

Redovno učestvujemo u klanskim i divizijskim borbama aktivno se družeći na TS-u (Team Speak 3).


Uslovi za pridruživanje klanu:


1. 20+ godina

2. Aktivan igrač

3. Obavezno korišćenje  Ts3 (Team Speak 3)

4. Bar 1 tir 10 brod koristan za klanske borbe

5. Dobar smisao za humor


Šta mi nudimo:

  • Dobro druženje i zabavu

  • Mogućnost napredovanja u igri uz pomoć zajedničke igre u timu


Ukoliko želite da nam se pridružite možete kontaktirati Regrutere:


- Blunt3dBoy

- Ice11180

- Sekula1990


TS3 adresa: vs31.tserverhq.com:7046 


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 Ako se voljni da se druzite igrate i salite pravo mesto je kod nas u klanu.... :cap_money:

Dobrodosli .... :cap_cool:

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Hey guys, you may wanna get your clan member KnightObilic under control, he is not reflecting well on your clan tag...


He is accused me of cheating after dying to my torps  and then insulted me consecutively, even after I send him a nice message after the battle to explain him everything was in order... 24h later he is still in rage mode, insulting and wasting WG supports' time.


See for yourself in my replay, right at  the end of the battle.


And his reaction to a simple explanation of Chung Mu reload and skills+module+adrenaline rush while at <5% HP you can see in the screenshot of the above link.


Dobro? Ok, lets enjoy this game then!

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