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Looking for a clan

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I'm mostly a cruiser player but I sometimes play BB's and DD's. yes my overall stats are mediocre but since i've started watching Noster I think I'm a much better player. Was just checking today and the last few days I've been rated as unicum by warships.today. Best ship is neptune right now but minatour is well on the way(also have new orleans, nagato and a few teir 7's unlocked). I usually play 7-9pm UK time and a little more on weekends. 

hmu if your interested

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International group English language SunTzuWarriors looking for more active players, 18+years old,

With Teamspeak, Mic. We are friendly organized group.

Interested Pm me or visit our website suntzuwarriors.com
 We have casual, competitive groups. So you find what you like.

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