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Welcome to the new office!

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Hey you! 


Are you looking for a good time and some laughs?

Then you might want to check CRHEE out!


If you have an ego, and think a loss is never ever your fault but the team, then you are not the sailor I'm looking for.


- If you're a daredevil, not affraid to take a beating with probable destruction, thus helping the team to win the battle.

- If you're that guy that's in for a laugh and a joke.

- If you're kinda serious on improving, and are willing to make a lot of mistakes trying out a new approach on tactics.


- If you know a thing or two about a thing or two.....then don't hesitate and apply!


CRHEE has one rule, enjoy the game!


CW participation is on the wishlist, but not a priority at the moment.

A teamspeak or discord channel will be created if needed and asked for.


Want to participate building up a kickass clan, again, please apply ingame, if I'm not online, leave a pm, I will return an answer!


Hope to meet you soon!






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