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Incursion - Comp/Fun

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Team Incursion are looking for players!


I will give a little description, however, the age of the team means I cannot go into to much detail or you would be here all week reading about us, and nobody wants that :)


We are an real old school clan that was formed in 1999, the core group that formed the clan are still active today playing various games and talking nonsense on comms. We have played many many games competitively, although these have been exclusively the FPS genre, and reached a very high level of play in any game we have taken seriously. Only 4 of us from the team actually play WOW's hence the request for players so we can sample the competitive side of WOW's.


We are very new to WOW's and are taking a different approach than we have with any other games i.e. we wont go down the ultra competitive, must have a 75% WR and every ship unlocked to join us route. This is a new'ish game for us so obviously our skill levels in wow do not reflect our skill levels in other games, for this reason(and age :) ) we decided a more relaxed approach was needed. We are looking for mature folk that do not take themselves to seriously and basically want to learn all sides of the game in a relaxed, chilled out atmosphere. The average age in our clan is around 35 years old and we have seen everything the clan scene can throw at you, good and bad. We are not looking to challenge the top teams, or to make a name for ourselves, we are looking for a regular group of folk that want to learn, have fun, compete and maybe make a few new friends along the way.


We are approaching 20 year as a team, this is a good indication that we know what we are doing as a team and attract players that continue to hang around years and years after joining. We do like to win(like everyone) but realise having fun is just as important and is what we are about these days.


A few things we would prefer.


Mature, sense of humour and not miserable.

Preferably over the age of 25.

Must use comms (discord)

Play the game semi regular. You do not have to be online everyday 24/7.

Have a few ships unlocked. Preferably over T7 but again if you play regular and are lvling then we will consider below that.

English speaking. We do have people that are multilingual but we communicate exclusively in English  


What we don't want.


Wannabe Horatio Nelsons

Miserable/moody folk

People who log on once a month

Ultra competitive, must win at all costs attitudes.(never ends well) 

People who's mic's sound like they are stuck half way down their throat


We have all the usual like website, forums , discord(we have ts but few use it now) although tbh most things are done using discord now. The forums will be used too, especially if we start clan battles.


If you are looking for a bunch of old farts that like to have a bit fun, play regular and do not take themselves or life to serious then hit us up. Who knows, you may still be with us in another 15 years....


We will check the forum for replies(if we get any) and get back to you asap.






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