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[F1GHT] Fightclub is looking for skilled Gentlemen

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Join us, join the [F1GHT].


We occasionaly do clanwars and play divisions every day and we like to be successful.


We try to stay polite to our adversaries (usually), but expect adult banter on our own teamspeak all the time.

Even Gentlemen take off their gloves if need be, you know! :Smile_izmena:


Also, if penguin1 insults you in chat, please do not feel offended - he seriously has Torrette syndrome and cannot control himself, but usually is a very nice dude!


  • All of us have jobs and/or wives and children - thus we expect adults (18+) that like to play warships in their spare time
  • Teamspeak3 - Server: wot-fightclub.de - we need you to use voicechat most of the time when playing in divisions. If you join our TS for the first time, pleas emake sure to hit up on of the guys listed below, otherwise you won't be able to join the channels.
  • You need to speak English reasonably well. Don't worry, we have Germans, Turks and Greeks, as well as Brits, Irish and Dutch, of course some Norwegians and a Romanian on our team, so you won't feel alone.
  • We also require a certain level of skill to be able to be efficient in Division. We are not an explicite teaching clan, but playing with experienced players will make you get better very quick:


The following values are only a guidline, we may or may not accept you into the clan and ignore the stats, so feel free to apply even if you do not meet these standards and you think you can entertain the clanmates with your cheerful personality.

Please use https://wows-numbers.com/ for proper player stats.


  • 1000+ battles in randoms, not including coop.
  • 54+% overall winrate in randoms, not including coop
  • at least two VIII ships and one X ship


So go ahead and check us out. I am certain you will regret it :Smile_teethhappy:


How to join?

Please contact us in game:


  • Chrotal
  • Inclutus
  • lavaboy
  • Gruber_


Good luck!

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