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New player searching for a small group

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Hello hello,

A little back story to myself.. I've played some WoWs before on another account (although for the purposes of this thread all I want that to put in your head is that I know how to login, put equipment on the ship.. the basics etc) that was attached to my WoT account which has also now moved on.  :cap_money:

So I've decided to come at WoWs with a fresh start and I'm looking for a clan to take me on. No I don't have 1000 battles and no I won't be coming with tier 10s or 8s, infact after sitting for hundreds of nights on WoT for 6 years in clanwars I'm determined not to make the same mistake here and get stuck in whatever your version of clanwars is.. (I'm willing to ofc do clan activities but not something that requires me to be online for 3-4 hours each night)

I want to find a bunch of folks to guide me on the path, the smaller your group is the better. You don't need to have 'epic' stats or anything like that, who would I be to demand that? 

My mindset is this: I play to win, fun comes from winning and I want to have a good laugh on voice comms whilst doing so.. if we're losing and having a good laugh then losing is ok too.. taking life too serious is damaging. 


What can I offer then?

  • Well I will do clan activies ofc, I can't say right now how many evenings I'd give to that. (we'd need to discuss this if its a big thing for you, as I said above.. not getting into the clan scene heavy ever again)
  • Voice comms when online.
  • A quick learner and a friendly chap.
  • Person who pays their way. (I'll spend cash on the game)
  • Active person. (online daily)

What do I need from you?

  • Some folks in your group with knowledge to guide me. (tell me when I screw up, if my decisions are bad or good etc)
  • UK based or UK timezone active.
  • Voice comms.
  • Understanding thats required when dealing with newbs.


It's not easy to express all of this in text so if you wish to discuss anything with me just PM and we can have a chat. Thank you very much for reading and goodluck.


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Well I gotta be honest, you really lack the experience/ships to join any "serious" clan, as clans have unfortunately limited slots in this game.


However, if you manage to get up to tier 4 and higher, feel free to get on our Teamspeak to Division up for fun... this is usually a good way to get to know each other anyway and a prerequisite to join our bunch.


Check us out:


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Hey man,


Fighting 13th is a casual banter gaming community looking for people! :D


However our warships section does consist out of 40 people, but that is scattered over NA and EU.


See for yourself!


The Fighting 13th. Register. Apply. Dominate.
Discord Server: 

Site: HERE

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