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Kii: buff torpedoes to a usable state

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Ive got 17 games in Kii to this moment and in my experience I find it to be underperforming, Ive got my arguments but Ill leave that for another day.


On Kii we can see that it mounts the Type 93 mod. 0.... except that it absolutely does not. The torpedoes on Kii has nothing in common with the Type 93 mod. 0 found on DDs like Akizuki. I'm sure some of you have noticed, but it seems Kii's torpedoes have everything in common with the Type 8 torpedoes found on Yubari... Yes you heard that right, tier 4 torpedoes on a tier 8 battleship.... And while YES I agree that BBs shouldnt have as strong torpedoes as DDs have, they should at least be in line with BB torpedoes of the same tier. What we have to compare at tier 8 is ofc Tirpitz.


  Kii "type93 mod.0" Differance Tirpitz G7a T1
Torpedoes 2x3 1 2x4
Reload 90 seconds 0 90 seconds
180 degree turn 7,2 seconds 0 7,2 seconds
Damage 14 600 900 13 700
Range 6 km 0 6 km
Torpedo Concealment 1.6 km 0.3 1.3 km
Torpedo Speed 63 knots 1 64 knots


I dont have the exact numbers, but Tirpitz also has a much better forward firing arcs on its torps.


All this accumulates in torpedoes that are not very rewarding for aggresive play on a ship that is much worse suited for brawling compared to Tirpitz. Worse turret traverse, armor layout, weaker citadel, worse accuracy, worse turret traverse, worse agility etc etc etc.


Also due to the limited range on these torps they are not very usefull for their intended use in kiting. 


Kii is weak enough that a buff to torpedoes wouldnt tip it over to anything close to OP territory. 


Personally I would like to suggest Shinonome's torps. They have the exact same stats as Kii's, but have 2 km better range. The extra range, but still otherwise relatively weak torpedoes would mean you at least have a worthwhile trade off compared to Tirpitz. It would also mean that a skilled player will know when to turn around when brawling a Tirpitz, as you have more range, but Tirpitz has more and faster torps that are more difficult to detect.

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