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Rebalance CVs

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20 hours ago, avenger121 said:


Tell me, isnt the Hakuryu the strongest ship overall and isnt the Taiho tier per tier the strongest ship ingame? CVs are not the class that achieve the highest winrates? All the while also being top dmg dealer, possessing the highest flexibility and highest survivability, perfectly fine balance comrade. ))))

yes hakuryu is strong. And it should be strong. Its because CVs require more skill than any other class. Btw i want to believe that you were kidding by saying that CVs have the highest survivability. Something not to forget;CVs are the only class who lose their strike capabilty.

This is an arcade game and everyone is supposed to have the same chance to influence the match to his favor aka winning it, CVs are absolutely broken in this regard and on top of that they are cancer for the gameplay and suck the fun out of it for everyone involved that isnt a CV.

Well not for me. All you need is a full AA spec cruiser and you should be fine. Oh and playing smart in a match with CVs helps too. (Dont yolo alone if there ia a CV)


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17 minutes ago, ghostbuster_ said:

Oh and playing smart in a match with CVs helps too.


I said it before, but u know a player can be godlike and smart and everything, he doesnt have the capability to move the ships of his 11 teammates. Its not about "us" its about the other potatoes playing that game, that make it miserable. Adding to that if is when a total imbecile is playing a CV on your team and the other is remotely smart, he doesnt need to be Superunicum. If its the other way around the match is still not fun necessarily. Yes i said it, winning alone doesnt make it a fun game (yet it seems certain CV players are some special class who feel so good if they can dominate their counterpart and polish their high WR). Thats why i play very little lately, considering if i should drop it totaly. U get roflstomped, its no fun. Your team roflstomps the other team, also no fun. Having tight matches and lose it because a CV is afk, more rage, potentially winning that match if he would have AFKed in another ship.



(Dont yolo alone if there ia a CV)


That would imply that yoloing is smart when theres not a CV :cap_hmm:

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