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BUG: Bonus exp for defeat

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Hi guys,


yeasterday I encountered (or perhaps just realized, not sure how it worked before) that I get my bonus experience eventhough I lose the battle. Repeated it today so I can provide scree shot (attached bellow). It only rewarded bonus exp, no bonus credits. No mission completed at same time.


Could someone please try to verify this problem (don't have free exp. ship in port any more for today), epsecially whether it is for every defeat or you have to meet certain circumstances.


edit .. Adding few more screen shots. Still no idea why is it working this way, but today I completed 1,5*exp on both Ranger and Cleaveland eventhough I lost both battles.



shot-15.03.25_11.49.28-0507.jpg  shot-15.03.25_11.49.32-0939.jpg  |  shot-15.03.26_14.29.12-0367.jpg  shot-15.03.26_14.29.15-0722.jpg  |  shot-15.03.26_15.53.07-0710.jpg  shot-15.03.26_15.53.09-0493.jpg








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