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Here are my opinions so far. It is easier to write criticism than come up with ideas for how to make the game better, so sorry if this comes off as too negative.


The main problem with the game thus far is that it lacks depth. It's a sorta nice game and I've enjoyed it so far, but it's already getting sorta stale and repetitive after only 240 battles and about a week of playing. Here are some reasons why, in no particular order:


- Above tier 4 or so (by the time you've gotten past the weirdo WW1 era ships) every single ship in a class is basically the same and plays the same. There are some minor differences (does a cruiser have torpedoes or not, does it have weird turret placement) but nothing significant, really. In tanks a M46 Patton has a completely different playstyle compared to a Centurion 7/1 and they're both completely different from an Object 430 II, because they're different designs with different stats that emphasize different things.


- The above point has a lot to do with the almost complete lack of meaningful stats. Because of the way the damage model works, there's only two really interesting gun stats, namely "rate of fire" and "how many" (with turret traverse speed and range being distant thirds and fourths). If you have more guns that fire faster you get more spins on the RNG roulette and that's almost always more important than anything else. Armor layout, armor penetration, ballistic arcs, muzzle velocity, shot dispersion and caliber should matter more than they currently do to make ships more different from each other.


- The game modes are all garbage. The game mechanics heavily encourage different ship classes supporting each other, but the game modes (and the maps, which are also garbage) all encourage backcapping, splitting up and DOTA-style "lanes" for different ship classes.


- Destroyers seem kinda useless at higher tiers. Everything gets deadlier (enjoy getting instagibbed by Clevelands over and over again) and maps get bigger so it's harder to close the distance, but torps don't really get all that more powerful and it's incredibly hard to hit things at long ranges.


- Carriers are pretty boring to play and at higher tiers the AA cover basically requires that you cooperate with another carrier to get anything through at all, but since you can't play carriers in divisions you have to try to coordinate with some pubbie who most definitely isn't watching the minimap and whose knowledge of English is limited to a few swearwords, so you go off alone and accomplish nothing useful.


- The fact that there are two ammunition types in the game is pretty irrelevant, because only AP is useful. Amazingly, there's even less of a reason to shoot HE in this game than in WoT, which at least has dedicated HE-slingers.


- Dive bombers are completely meaningless. They just don't do anything.


A lot of these I'm pretty sure are sort of intrinsic to any semi-realistic ship game (warships of the period go in straight lines over open water and trade artillery salvoes with each other over the course of several hours - not exactly super exciting to play realistically) but they could be compensated for in various ways. Especially having more complex game modes with more interesting objectives could do a lot to make the game better.



Some other unrelated observations:

- There's not much shot convergence towards the center of the aiming reticule. If your turrets are far apart, your shots land far apart. I guess this is an attempt to prevent people getting oneshotted by nine citadel hits at once, but it's still annoying, especially on big ships and especially when shooting at someone going straight towards you/away from you.

- Buildings on land are completely out of scale (they're way too small, or ships are way too big).

- The aiming system seems to attempt to be "helpful" with auto-ranging the target correctly for you when you have the camera on autofollow. This makes aiming easier (except in the cases where it misunderstands what you're trying to shoot at and your shots land several hundred meters short) but in many cases it behaves in an unintuitive way and I ultimately thing it mainly serves to dumb the game down. Hitting moving targets with shells that spend 15 seconds in the air is hard and should be hard in the game.

- If the above is implemented, there should probably be some kind of aiming penalty for being in a turn while firing (such as increasing the spread, like in tanks). Both for realism reasons and to reduce the difficulty somewhat.



For the record, I've got to tier 4 destroyers, tier 7 cruisers, tier 6 battleships and tier 5 carriers

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