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Air Detection to max AA range, ONLY when AA is active

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1. Air detection gets same max range detection mechanics as if shooting guns, but for AA range.

Meaning : Active AA = max range AA AIR detection,


Let’s use the Minatour, Gearing and Grozovoi for example (the ships most likely to be effected by AD-AA changes), numbers are in km

  • Minatour (stealth + AA specd) : AA range = 8,6
    • 6.12 : AD = 7.2 (+2,01) = 9,2
    • 6.13 : AD = 7.2 (+X) = AA max = 8,6
  • Gearing (stealth + -AA specd) AA range = 5,0 - 7,2
    • 6.12 : AD = 3,5 (+2,01) = 5,5
    • 6.13 : AD = 3,5 (+X) = AA max = 5,0 - 7,2
  • Grozovoi (stealth + -AA specd) AA range = 5,2 - 7,5
    • 6.12 AD = 3,9 (+2,01) = 5,9
    • 6.13 AD = 3,9 (+X) = AA max = 5,2 - 7,5

Considering this ONLY DD who where AA range specd (indifferent of stealth spec, but increasing of course the stealth gap). Could use (DF)AA without being detected.


The proposed changes will ONLY increase AAA-AD(active anti air – air detection) for DD who are AA Ranged Specd, for all others it will do NOTING, remember these changes apply ONLY when AA is active (+2km AD), as for now AA does not have a bloom period1! Meaning the 6,12 +2km1 or 6,13 max range penalty removes immediately when AA stops or gets out of range.


Making this an effective measure vs. invisible AA, while not punishing the AD while AA is not active/out of range.



2.AA guns do NOT get the same firing in SMOKE detection mechanics as shooting guns.


Shooting main battery guns in smoke does not increases air detectability becouse: As it stands now AD in smoke is non existence!



Implication in game,


CV: minimal

·       Planes lost to invis “in the open” AA is minimal (aka sniping)

·       Invis “in the open” DF is really RARE, it has a large inpact, but occasions that it happens are too few.


DD: minor

·       Sniping planes not possible any more. This ability was minor and now removed

·       Invis DF usage where rare, and removing the stealth from this doesn’t impact the usefulness of it.


BB & Cruisers: No changes


Conclusions: small nerf to the stealth of AA specd and using DDs.


The INVIS AA annoyance


Invis (DF)AA is an annoyance, not because there AA range is longer than their AD. But because of SMOKED AA.


Since there are no OBVIUS visuals that your planes are in AA let alone form which direction. Making it mind taxingly hard to pinpoint the SOURCE of the AA. Making it mind taxingly hard to play accordingly to it.  This annoyance skill floor/roof  increase arose when


1.     The Minatour arose: long range strong AA with its own smoke.

2.     DDs got DF module as a choice

3.     Captain skills and upgrades increased AA range of 1&2 even more


This change doesn’t address this in any way since invis AA has to do with smoke mechanics and DF / long range AA from that smoke. More than the “In the open” invis AA




To address the annoyance and skill floor/roof  increase created by smoked AA platforms. I have a few propositions, you can use any number in any combination.

1.     Disable DF while in smoke

2.     Decrease air acquisition range while in smoke by X% or Xkm.
Meaning smoked ships  cannot see the planes (and not shoot) even when there detected by something else until there in view range  (acquisition = view range NOT detection range!). think Cyclone for the smoked ship, but less effective.

3.     Give Smoked ships an AD that has the same detection mechanics as “shooting guns in smoke“, with AA guns and different penalties /stats of course. As insinuated in the "bad advise" series

a.      Give “shooting main guns in smoke“ also some airdetection stealth penalty



1 Information about these mechanics might be outdated (especial on the detectability of planes), Since i don’t have a Original WG source! source:

Proposition 2 could also have been a great mechanic to change the smoke heavy meta, instead of the “shooting guns in smoke“ detection mechanic!



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