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South African Clan Recruiting -MF-

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Hi all


We are a South African based clan called Metal Fishes with ticker -MF-. If you are South African and play Skippies you can message me for clan details. We use Discord and play most evenings.


Looking forward to hearing from you.



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Hi Krad


I'm growing tired of playing random battles where there is no teamwork.


I'd like to join a clan that plays regularly, and would not mind helping me improve.  This is a team game, I've learned how to solo it out with everyone yolo'ing on their own, but I believe that if someone can help me think team I can be an asset to the clan.


I've played mostly mid-tiered ships.  I enjoyed playing the gringo BB's and have now grinded up to North Carolina. NC is a different beast, I'm still learning where the on button is.  I played a lot of low-tiered CV's and did really well in them.  British and Russky cruisers up to Schors-level, but I love the Budy.


I suck at DD's.  There, I've said it, please don't judge, it's a lifestyle choice......


O, I'm from Pretoria.







By the way, even though I play most evenings, I'm sometimes out of the country for work, if you accept me into the clan I'll let you know when I'm gone.  Also, I've played about 1500 battles on the NA server as Meatshield, I worked my way up to Amagi over there.  I've since handed that account over to my kid who promptly went and team killed someone.  So it wasn't me that turned the account pink, I swear...


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I take it you don't need to be living in SA...expats welcome? :Smile-_tongue:

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