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Livestreaming licence?

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I was looking thru some news and this came up

Sry its in Finnish language


Basically the post says that in Finland livestreaming games are illegal due copyright protection violation...

Legal action could be taken and taken to court.

Allthough it also says that its unlikely that legal action is taken but everything is possible.

It also says that get a licence from gaming develper or quit streaming.

Twitch.tv mentioned also in the post.


Now my consern is that do i need a licence to stream wows?

Im just confused.

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you do not need a licensce to stream wows using twitch, twitchtv is free, just download the programme insert your key that is gives you and your free to stream, you might need to pay for the capture image, i know obs is free but the other obs is not, that one you will have to pay for, if you want to be a streamer then paying for it rather than getting a crack copy will put you more at rest or use the free version, both do the same really, just different format and a few extras, but that is just a minor tweak nothing to worry about.

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